Personalized Car Registration

If you have wanted to know whether or not you can place a private number plate on a contract hire or lease vehicle, then your answer is yes. Whenever you go and purchase one of the best private plates you’re purchasing the right to allocate the new registration number to any kind of vehicle and this right is also applicable to leasing and contract hire services too. All it takes a little more research from your side, so just go through the below-mentioned guide -


1. Notify the DVLA

The initial step is only required if you’re planning to re-use the private registration plate that you’ve allocated already to some other vehicle. The process becomes much easier if the number plate is on 'retention'. This simply implies that you will require informing the DVLA and apply for the form V778. Well, there are numerous dealers online that can give you the quick transfer service and they can arrange this for you in affordable rates.

2. Mention the finance company as your nominee

Just keep in mind that you don’t officially own a contract or lease vehicle. The lawful owner of the vehicle is the finance company (mentioned on the V5 form) from which you’re contracting or leasing the vehicle. hence, it is important for you to mention the name of the finance company on the licence number plate certificate as nominee and then register them in 'nominee details' under the section of V778 or V750. If you don’t know the exact name of your official finance company, then you need to consult your agent and they’ll tell you.

3. Install the number plates

As soon as you have submitted the form to the DVLA, they’ll re-send the papers to you by updating the details. You will get 2 options -

Remove the number plates before returning the vehicle

Keep in mind that you’ll require removing the private number plate after the termination of your contract or lease before returning the car. This simply implies that you need to either placing them again on the retention form or you will need to transfer the same to new vehicle. After the completion of the transfer, you will require arranging new acrylic number plates. Now you have all the necessary details about the number plates. Now, go online and look for the dealers online to discover the personalised and perfect plate.