Ideas of Number plate

Now, it has become so easy to impress people with the number of ways and private plates are one of the best ways among others. Numerous ideas for personal registration plates can aid you to get your real identity across via the vehicle you’re driving. Owning a personal registration plate that replicates your personality can be an inspiring means to exhibit your personality. Ideas for private plates are diverse and wide, however, with some creativity and imagination, you can discover something that better suit your preference.

Your name

The most famous and clear ideas for number plate is to print your name somehow. There are loads of options accessible and by making use of numbers to show letters, the selection is never-ending! But, since named private plates are in great demand, they are frequently more costly. A few of these ideas consist of ‘P3 TER’, ‘D4 VID’ and ‘L4 URA’.


Personal number plates are the best methods to increase your business, job or career. Fitness trainers can pick the number plate ‘GYM’, accountants can pick the number plate ‘TAX’ – there are unlimited options to pick.

Car Makes and Models

You can also choose to join your vehicle with your personalized number plate when you make use of private plates ideas. Holding the real opulence of your costly motorbike or sports car with a number plate that articulates exact vibe to that of your car has never been simpler. For instance, you can pick AUD for Audi and JAG for Jaguar.

Interests, hobbies and personality

If you have a fun interest or hobby that you wish to show to the whole world then you can present it on your vehicle. you can use private number plates to show your interests and personality. Some famous examples of this are, SKY or FLY for airplane fans, and C4 SHS for those who love money.


Showing your initials in your number plate is a perfect method to exclusively personalise your car without it being overly-noticeable to other drivers. You can make purchase of Prefix style number plates such as B1 LBS for affordable rates, whereas dateless plates such as 1 LBS tend to obtain higher rates for their greater impacts.

Facts regarding private number plates

Some of the common facts about number plates are explained below -

Banned and DVLA plates

Before the launch of fresh number plates every year, DVLA forbid a certain amount of private plates that could be noticed as nasty. ‘HU63 NOB’, ‘P15 OFF’, and ‘VA16 ANA’ are some of the examples of plates that have been forbidden over the past few years, however, there are some that have made their way!

Celebrity number plates

Though you may notice famous celebrities such as Vinnie Jones, Amir Khan, and Alan Sugar driving around in style with personalized number plates, you may be astonished to know that popular musician Harry Tate was the very first celebrity to carry their own number plate. He bought ‘T8’, which is not bought by Johnny Tate, the owner of Tate-and-Lyle Company.