Buy Your Personal Number Plate

Purchasing a new car is very exciting thing to do and everyone wants to add extra flavour to his/her new vehicle. They might do this with the car model they prefer to purchase, accessories, or just by buying personal number plates. Private registrations are said to be a way of making your vehicle complete exceptional. But, there are so many regulations and rules, which you can’t avoid. It’s very important that private plate are visible for viewers of crime or accidents, roadside cameras and police to see, and it’s in every drivers security to follow these rules.

The government has set some precise rules about the character spacing on a number plate. There has to be a space of minimum 11mm between every letter and every letter group have to be 33mm apart. Every character should be 50mm wide and 79mm high plus the width should be 14 mm of every character stroke. Just the characters I and 1 are free from this rule.

Can you make any alterations to the number plate background?

Despite the option of non-reflective and coloured border, there are not any other alterations allowed. According to the law, all characters should be shown in black color and the front number plate should have a white color background, whereas the back number plate should have a yellow background.

National Emblems

The subject of National emblems is said to be an uncertain one, and this is because, despite the Euro Flag selection, they’re not officially known in the rules. But, the government has declared that they’re are now allowed, plus it’s anticipated that the needed changes about this concern will be made soon.

Can you pick any registration number?

The most striking thing regarding private plates is that you can pick whichever registration number plate best suits you. But, there is one thing that you need to keep in mind while exploring the plate: you can’t show off a number plate that would make your car seem newer than it really is. While buying a number plate, the age of your vehicle will be the primary question asked, thus this kind of mistake should not happen. Hence, you should consider this in advance to avoid distress.